10 Days to Go

We now filled all of the running slots for our team. They are as follows:
1.  Robin
2.  Wes
3.  Ian
4.  Lisa
5.  Laura
6.  Christina
7.  Colleen
8.  Bobby
9.  Mike
10. Bill
11. Jerrie
12. Will
Remember that we continue to rotate from runner to runner in the same sequence throughout the race. So, for example, Robin will not only run Leg 1, but also 13 and 25 – and so on down the line. 
Many thanks to Wes and Colleen for taking on what will probably be the hardest assignments. Wes has the longest total distance for his 3 legs (over 22 miles) including a long 10 mile climb up to the Grandfather mountain entrance (longest leg of the race and 3rd highest gain in elevation). Colleen has the leg with the greatest climb (Leg 31, one of the mountain goat legs, with a total climb of 1398 feet).
We are going to follow free market principles. If you didn’t get the slot you wanted, or you have changed your mind, you are allowed to bargain with any of the others for a change. Just let me know in the next few days if any swaps are agreed to.
Other Points:
1. In addition to the other items on the individual checklist, everyone should be sure to bring his/her own headlamp with extra batteries.
2. Remember that mountain weather is completely unpredictable. You should have a long shirt (and maybe long running pants) in case the weather turns cold, especially at night. You should also bring a fleece or something warm to wear in cold weather. Also plan for rain.
3. We decided at our team meeting that we would supply some groceries for each van (see Jerrie’s list below) but that each runner should bring his/her own snacks, powerbars, goos, etc.
4. Be sure to bring a belt of some kind if you can to carry water when you run; it’s also convenient to pin your race number to a belt so you don’t have to repin the number every time you change running clothes.
5. We have not made reservations for anyone to stay in Asheville Sat. night, but Ian does have floor space available at his place. One of the vans will return to G’boro that night; the other will return to G’boro by way of West Jefferson on Sun, in time to get it back to Enterprise by 4:00 PM. We will decide on a place for the whole team to eat and chill out after the race. I’ll let you know where that will be.
6. Spouses/partners are invited to the potluck dinner Thurs PM. It will be held at my brother’s house at 605 Blair St. Let me know if you need directions.
7. Terri (my sister in law) will prepare two lasagnas for the potluck dinner – one vegetarian and the other not. Team members should bring whatever they think best.
8. In the last few days, I received the 2011 Team Handbook from the BRR. If you haven’t read the old (2010) handbook, wait until we post the new one on the Blog. For those of you who have already read the old Handbook, I’ll let you know if there are any significant changes.
9. The course description on the BRR blog is out of date. I don’t know why they haven’t taken it down. The up to date directions and maps are on our Blog.
10. We now have everyone on the team represented on the Blog. When you can, check out the pictures and personal info of the other runners (http://www.lostsoles2011.wordpress.com/ . Laura has done a great job creating and managing the Blog for us.
11. Please note that each runner needs to bring his/her cell phone. If you haven’t given me your cell number yet, please do so by reply to this email.
12. Please remember to bring to the potluck the common supplies/equipment that we assigned at our meeting, as follows:
Wes – 2 flashers, 1 cooler, 1 GPS
Bobby – one flasher, 1 cooler
Lisa – 2 flashers, cue sheets for each runner, plastic storage bin for each runner, and cue sheets for each leg
Jerrie – 2 flashers, 1 cooler and groceries (powdered gatoraid, bananas, apples, pretzels, fig newtons, nabs, medium size garbage bags, toiler paper)
Robin – 1 flasher, water jugs, 2 boxes of large ziplock bags, 2 first aid kits
Will – 1 cooler
Bill – 1 GPS, notebooks for each van, 2dary road maps
Colleen – baby wipes (left over from most recent child)
Let me know if you disagree with any of the above or if you think anything has been left out that we will need in the vans. (We’ll pick up ice somewhere along the way).
13. We need to thank my brother and sister in law for hosting the potluck. They are also serving as volunteers for the race, which qualified us for a discount on the registration fee.
14. If you are able to make a contribution to the Ashe County Habitat Affiliate, remember to indicate on the check that it is coming from the Lost Soles team. See my previous email for the address.
Any questions/comments?
Put in some good runs this week and start tapering off this weekend.

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