Everyone is invited to the following:

Training Run. Begin 7:00 AM this Sat. at the Blue Line. Would be great to have as many team members as possible. My tentative plan is to go out to Mile 3 on the greenway and turn around there. Pick up hill on Old Battleground plus 3 loops of the Battlefield, either on the way out or back or combination. But we can make a group decision when we meet.

Planning Session. Next Tues at 7:00 PM at the Blue Line Table in the Lawndale Panera. Everyone who comes has a vote. We will divide up chores among those present and those absent. Best to attend to protect yourself against burdensome assignments.
I will follow up with a longer email in the next day or so with important information. Please be on the look out for it.
We have three weeks left to prepare. As many of you have noted, there are some ugly looking legs to run in the Relay – so the more we sweat over the next three week the less we suffer during the relay itself. Concentrate on the hills and remember you are not only training for yourself but for the team.

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