We have a team!

Three new recruits have signed up in the last two weeks – Mike Corcoran and Jerrie Kasik, who run with the Blue Line Group; and my across-the-street neighbor, Colleen King, who just finished an outstanding half-marathon in Seattle.
Here is the full roster:
Laura Cooke
Christina Cooke
Ian Nelson
Lisa Watts
Robin Lindsay
Bobby Refinati
Pat Hester
Will Petty
Mike Corcoran
Jerrie Kasik
Colleen King
Since my last email, we have decided that we will meet together as a team Thurs night (9/8) in Greensboro. The van with the first six runners will then leave for West Jefferson, where they will stay overnight (we’re still working out the accommodations) and then drive to the starting line at Grayson Heights Park the next morning, to meet our starting deadline (which hasn’t been assigned yet). The van with the other six runners will stay overnight in Greensboro and meet the first van the next day at the end of Leg Six.
I will be in touch with you shortly to divide up the running assignments. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, please send your picture for the team blog as well as the answers to the list of questions for each member. You can visit the blog at https://lostsoles2011.wordpress.com.  It is maintained by Laura Cooke. Her email is locooke (at) gmail.com. We need to get the whole team represented on the blog as soon as possible.
Many thanks to all of you for signing up. It’s taken a while to put the team together but it was worth it.

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